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Mirror SS Ceramic Tile Edging Trim

Material: Stainless Steel (201,304,316)
Color: Titanium Gold, Rose Gold, Black Titanium,Sapphire Blue(PVD Color Coating Can Be Used Indoor And Outdoors for More Than 20 Years Without Fading)
Surface Finishing: Hairline(Brushed), 8k mirror, Etching, etc.
Shape: U, L, T (Solid T) or Customized
Length: 2440mm, 3050mm or Customized
Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm
Application:Decorative Edge, Door Frame, Club, Real Estate, Curtain Wall, Hotel, Decoration Tile Trim, Ceiling
Advantage-1: One-stop products supply and One-stop project Service
Advantage-2: Easy to Install (Fixing in Glass Glue)
Advantage-3: Maintenance Simple (Cleaning + Soft Cloth)
Service: Professional Design and After Sales Team


Mirror SS Ceramic Tile Edging Trim

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Company Introduction

  Founded in 2018, Foshan Jinyifan metal products Co., Ltd. is a metal art company specializing in the design, research, production and sales of stainless steel products. The company is headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Although it is a new company, it has been operating the factory for more than ten years. The main products are color stainless steel tile trims, metal screen partitions and room dividers, stainless steel color decorative sheets, stainless steel sculptures, etc., with various styles. Jinyifan enjoy good reputation in the world market for our good quality and reasonable prices. The quality products and the guarantee to customers are what the most important Jinyifan can promise to clients.

Mirror SS Ceramic Tile Edging Trim Introduction

1. Our Mirror SS Ceramic Tile Edging Trim makes the decoration beautiful and bright. The angle curve is smooth and straight, which can effectively ensure that the edge of the package is flat and straight, so that the edge of the decoration has a more three-dimensional aesthetic feeling.

2. Our Mirror SS Ceramic Tile Edging Trim has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, mirror-like surface, water resistance, friction resistance and climate change resistance. At the same time, this kind of product has good decorative effect and belongs to high-grade decorative materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Jinyifan metal products Co., Ltd. is a factory with more than 10 years of production experience in Guangdong, China.

2. Our stainless steel tile trim is mainly exported to Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, America, Russia, United kingdom, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Jordan and more than 60 other countries.

3. Our samples are in stock and can be provided to customers for free, but the postage needs to be paid by customers themselves.

4. The general delivery time of our stainless steel ceramic tile edging trim is 3 to 5 days, and it takes more than 7 days for customized products. Please contact the salesman for details.

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