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metal garden flowers sculpture

Material: Stainless Steel (201,304,316), Plexiglas
Size and Design: Customized As your inquiry
Thickness: 2.0-5.0mm Customized
Color: Gold, Blue, Black Color (PVD Color Coating Can Be Used Indoor and Outdoor for More Than 20 Years Without Fading)
Surface Finishing: Hairline(brushed), 8k mirror, PVD Coating, etc.
Technology: Wroughting, Laser Cutting, Welded and Polished are all Handwork Indeed
Advantage-1: Strong Wind Resistance, Corrosion Resistance and Non-rust
Advantage-2: Durable and Easy to Clean
Advantage-3: One-stop Products Supply and One-stop Project Service


metal garden flowers sculpture

 About stainless steel metal garden flowers sculpture 

 In the design, stainless steel metal garden flowers sculpture makes full use of its decorative function, which has played a great role in foil to the whole environment. Its overall light sense is very strong, not easy to damage and has the overall feeling. Through a lot of places, you can see stainless steel as a decoration to play a finishing role in the interior. 

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