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My Customer My Friend, Palestine Alaa

My Customer My Friend, Palestine Alaa

Nov 14, 2019

One morning at the end of September, I published products and quotations as usual, and I always insisted on RFQ quotations. I just believed that there would always be customers who would reply to me. When I finished quoting prices, I went to take a long vacation in October. Unexpectedly, I opened the email and the customers replied to my quotations. I interacted with the customers intuitively, and the customers asked for samples (Yes, is ok, we have some free sample). then I sent the samples immediately. The customer is very satisfied with our products after receiving them. Thanks to the company's strict quality control, we have the opportunity to win out in many supply peers. After that, the customer asked to see our factory, WELCOME. We are factory, welcome customers visit at any time.The customer immediately confirmed the order after visit factory. A few days, we received he full payment.

We delivered the goods to the guests with the best quality and the fastest speed,And get the guests affirmed, now we are friend. THANKS DEAR.