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Installation Effect Of Indoor Screen

Installation Effect Of Indoor Screen

Nov 14, 2019

This is from the restaurant's installation effect of the American guests. The guest responded that the restaurant had added a lot of color to the restaurant, and the guests who came to the restaurant praised it. I am very happy to receive such recognition from the guests. We will work harder. Thank you for the work of our factory workers. Everything is worth it.

Stainless steel screen is a detachable finished partition wall. It belongs to a large category of indoor non bearing partition wall, and is an important part of most indoor structure layout. JIYIFAN metal stainless steel finished partition wall is designed and produced standardized, serialized and universal wall internal and external structural components to ensure the completion of wall functions and quality products.

Factory prefabrication and on-site dry installation are the characteristics of stainless steel screen wall; partition wall is used for indoor separation, which usually needs to be firmly connected with the top, the ground and the inside of the external wall. It needs to meet the requirements of high-rise fire protection, anti-seismic level, anti side impact, long-term use, elegant and beautiful, etc. it is a truly professional indoor non load bearing partition wall. It is produced by professional manufacturers under strict management. The whole wall structure is made of all steel materials. The connection parts of each completed surface of the wall shall be equipped with double-layer sealing strips in advance to achieve the effect of sound insulation and dust barrier.