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Gold Stainless Steel Room Splitter

Material: Stainless Steel (201,304,316)
Size and Design: Customized As your inquiry
Color: Titanium Gold, Rose Gold,Gold, Bronze Color (PVD Color Coating Can Be Used
 Indoor and Outdoor for More Than 20 Years Without Fading)
Surface Finishing: Hairline(brushed), 8k mirror, etc.
Technology: Laser Cutting, Welded and Polished is All Handwork Indeed 
Application: 1) Indoor and Outdoor Public Space Backdrop 2) Ceiling 3) Living Room,
 Background Wall, Office, etc.4) Government Projects, Hotel Projects and Other Projects
Advantage-1: Fireproof, Waterproof, Corrosion Protection, Colorful, Fashionable, Delicate, Luxurious, 
Fast Color, Stable in Decorative Effect
Advantage-2:  Easy to Install and Maintenance Simple
Advantage-3: One-stop Products Supply and One-stop Project Service


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Gold Stainless Steel Room Splitter

 We are manufacturer of the luxurious stainless steel decoration for the 5-star hotels,high- class Club and Villa.

We supply high quality gold stainless steel room splitter,if you like it, please feel free to contact us.

Welcome to buy our gold stainless steel room splitter !

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