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Decorative Stainless Steel Welding Room Screens

Material: 201#, 304#, 316#
Specification (mm): 1220*2440 / 1220*3050 or Customed
Thickness(mm): 0.5/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0


Decorative stainless steel welding room screens


201#, 304#, 316#

Specification (mm)

1220*2440 / 1220*3050 or Customed




Gold, rose gold, sapphire, champagne gold, rosy, bronze, violet, titanium,

pink, emerald, dark brown, coffee gold.


Surface Finishing

8K mirror, hairline, sandblasted, frosted, duotone

Applicable Scope

1. Indoor and outdoor public space backdrop
2. Aisle
3. Entrance background image of the wall
4. Door signs
5. Ceiling
6. Living room background wall
7. Elevator cabin,handrail
8. Kitchen equipment
9. Specially for bar,club,KTV,hotel,bath center,villa.


Cost-effective, durable, corrosion resistant, mechanically resistant,

fire resistant, moisture-proof, Recyclable, customized color.



What are the advantages of stainless steel screen partition

1. The stainless steel screen partition has corrosion resistance. Even if it is used for a long time, the surface is not easy to be corroded, worn and other phenomena, and the service life is very long.

2. For stainless steel screen partition, it can disassemble and assemble all parts, so it has a strong use value. If there is a problem with the wire, it needs to be maintained, and the stainless steel screen can also be used under the reorganization.

3. There is a sealing rubber strip inside the stainless steel screen, which can play a good role in sound insulation and dust prevention. In addition, it can prevent moisture, fire and corrosion.

4. Once the stainless steel screen partition is assembled, it can be used immediately. It is a green and environmental protection product. It can also be used with glass doors and solid wood doors, with a wide range of uses.

Buy stainless steel screen partition to see these points

1. When purchasing stainless steel screen partition, it needs to be selected according to the regional style. If it is used for villa decoration, it needs to highlight the style characteristics of the villa. At this time, the stainless steel screen can choose the black Chinese screen; if it is to be decorated in the hotel, it needs to be mainly high-end, rose gold can be selected in color, and the style is mainly Chinese lattice, which can more reflect the sense of luxury.

2. The stainless steel screen partition should be selected according to the cost. If the stainless steel screen is used in the hotel, it usually costs a lot to design the hotel to be very luxurious to meet the needs of customers. At this time, you can choose the mirror full welded screen, which has a very good reflective effect and can show the high-end atmosphere of the hotel.

3. If the construction period is relatively tight, you can choose one of the Chinese screens or laser cut-out screens. For the production period of Chinese screen, including transportation, it will take about 13 days in total; for laser carved screen, it usually takes only one week to finish, and there are many styles, which can give consumers more choices. Generally, you can start processing after you select graphics on the Internet.




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