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Zhonghai Beijing Yinghaifu Enterprise Club

Zhonghai Beijing Yinghaifu Enterprise Club

Jun 03, 2020

Zhonghai Yinghaifu Enterprise Club China, Beijing Xiaoyin Hermitage Dayinyin City, Boyi, Shouyang, Laofuzhu History-Wang Kangju.


Eastern Jin

There is such a corporate club between the fifth ring road and the sixth ring road in the southeast of the imperial capital, which provides people with a "paradise". Step into the indoor garden and instantly isolate itself from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The combination of wood color and golden metal collide in this quiet space, throwing away all impetuousness and listening to the sound of the heart.

The beige area renders the space rhythm, with golden decoration on the dark ground, elegant but noble, releasing a restrained and Zen atmosphere, accepting the soul that cannot be placed due to the fast pace in this limited space.

Life is like a tea that hasn't been brewed, but it is shriveled and thin, but it is full of enthusiasm and full of fragrance with this tea room.

As a public place, the meeting room is separated by a rotating metal sliding door, and antique accessories are hung on the background wall. The generous expression form allows people to escape from the complex world and stay out of the world and enjoy this long talk.

Coming in with the first rays of sunlight in the morning, sweeping away people's sleepiness, standing in front of the mirror, you organize a day's appearance, and stir up the spirit to blend with the world's elegance.