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Field Weightlessness

Field Weightlessness

Jun 03, 2020

Perhaps Newton, who was hit by Apple, did not expect that people would try to resist gravity in a few hundred years and create a space similar to the experience of a space walk.

The exhibition hall uses a stainless steel mirror as a suspended ceiling to continue the height of the space and expand the original space of more than 100 square meters to the illusion of more than 800 square meters. The black box extends upward, and the bottom seems to be suspended in the air. It seems that everything in the world has lost its weight.

Whether it is from visual perception, or consciousness and space perception, will bring you a different experience perception. Therefore, the "levitation" of the space design makes the originally closed space transparent and free.

The stainless steel discs are plated with champagne gold and sandblasted, inlaid with marble, and the marble is bitten like a sandwich biscuit.