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Dream City

Dream City

Jun 03, 2020

Dreams are the satisfaction of desires, fantasy, and the realization of desires. Everyone has dreams. This is an illusory but real experience. It transcends the boundaries of real space. The design is like a dream. It is full of miracles and changes our lifestyle and cognition ...

The door covers of the sales office are all covered with stainless steel. The matching of the theme colors not only does not appear abrupt, but also highlights the metallic atmosphere.

The design of the hall is dreamy, and the design of the dome infinitely circulates space, experiencing a showdown between metal and space.

Life is like a dream, and emotion is the most important element in our life. The blue and pink in the negotiation area are like the scene world inside the character. Pure and kind, plus the metal design adds a trace of enthusiasm.

The VIP area is a continuation of the dream, a reality in illusion, a warm chapter that calms the prelude. In the construction of self-dreams, dreams are the dreams, and the viewer sees himself.

The stairs step by step, like layered piano keys, playing a pleasant rhythm step by step. The stair handrails are also made of stainless steel, so you can feel a hint of coolness in the hot summer.

Here, there is no busy rhythm, no hustle and bustle. Here, you will be treated tenderly by all things.