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Chongqing Sunshine City • Future Yue Sales Office

Chongqing Sunshine City • Future Yue Sales Office

Jun 04, 2020

Project Name: Chongqing Sunshine City · Future Yue Sales Office

Natural stainless steel creates a sense of future technology

As its name suggests, the future sales office of Fuyue injects a visual sense of the future and science fiction into the interior of the space. It is like standing at the intersection of time and space, feeling the future and another unknown.

The spiral staircase grows freely in the space, and the elegant lines are extremely rhythmic.

The water bar and the sand panel continue the simple color matching, and the interesting decoration with a sense of technology breaks the overly serious look and feel, so that people can slow down and enjoy it carefully.

The dynamic installation in the negotiation area changes between the swings and swings, changing the color difference, attracting the eyes of the visitors, and giving the illusion of time and space.

Black and white sofas with strong color contrasts, metal furniture and mirror-colored stainless steel columns express a full sense of future urban technology.

The children ’s area, made of astronauts, ocean balls, solar system and various toys, is full of fun and entertainment. Lively and vivid colors give the space a free atmosphere, which is conducive to stimulating the creativity of children ’s thinking.