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Pvd Color Stainless Steel Sheet

Product category: Gold Embossed stainless steel sheet
Brand: JYF
Material: SS 304 / 201
Special purpose: Interior decoration


The stainless steel is coated with non-ferrous metals, such as gold plating, black chrome plating, copper plating and other methods.Continuous copper plating, for example, has been used in industry and more widely in building materials.The corrosion resistance of stainless steel, good mechanical strength, plus the color of copper is the building roof material is more advanced materials, thus promoted the development of copper plating stainless steel plate.Stainless steel substrate and copper coating have good corrosion resistance, the two potential is equal to each other, do not worry about cattle when the metal contact the current corrosion.Copper plated stainless steel plate in the atmosphere exposure, the surface copper coating is oxidized to present the characteristic color of copper, the loss thickness of not more than l million per year.Copper plating can also effectively overcome the hole corrosion caused by halogen ions in stainless steel.

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