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Pvd Coating Stainless Steel Sheet

Product category: Gold Embossed stainless steel sheet
Brand: JYF
Material: SS 304 / 201
Special purpose: Interior decoration


When color stainless steel plate of choose and buy, want to choose according to need.Generally speaking, the following styles are more suitable for family decoration:

The color stainless steel board of pure and fresh and elegant style: apply to the color stainless steel board partition of sitting room and bedroom space.

The chromatic stainless steel board of warm anacreontic style: apply to the chromatic stainless steel board partition of bedroom and study space.At the same time, the design of chromatic stainless steel board is very beautiful, still can stick it on old furniture, furniture can because this coruses new vigor, and if metope is the color stainless steel board of same style, the style of integral bedroom can be coordinated very.

Concise, pure and fresh quietly elegant style, suit contemporary family to decorate metope to use quite.Having beautiful or exaggerated patterns is a good choice for some old ones.Anacreontic nostalgic style, suit to be used on the study or a few nostalgic furniture quite.

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