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Embossed Mirror Stainless Steel Decorative Wall Sheets

Product category: Gold Embossed stainless steel sheet
Brand: JYF
Material: SS 304 / 201
Special purpose: Interior decoration


One is vacuum plating, which USES electrolysis to attach a metal film to the surface of a metal or other material.Can prevent corrosion together, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective and enhance the role of beauty.

The second is water plating, is also currently used more than one, is in the aqueous solution does not rely on external power, the common rely on the reducing agent in the bath chemical reduction reaction, so that metal ions continue to reduce on the autocatalytic surface, the formation of metal coating process.Its processing process first to the plating workpiece for wax, oil removal treatment, after activation first electroplating alkaline copper, electroplating time in about 10 minutes, after the trough washing, neutralization, activation, and then copper bright electroplating.Electroplating time for more than 20 minutes, when the coating is thick enough, the tank for washing, activation, direct plating nickel and black, electroplating time to the workpiece surface black uniform as appropriate, then washing, drying, processing.The copper bright electroplated workpiece can also be washed and blackened.Generally, 5% potassium sulfide aqueous solution is used to infiltrate the bubble, turn repeatedly, when the surface of the workpiece appears black or brown, the workpiece is removed, washed, dried and processed.Then, will pass the black rust and color goods blackened workpiece, with nylon wheel polishing, according to the requirements of the antique master polishing weight, when the workpiece to achieve the desired effect, spray plating varnish, that is, we say no fingerprint processing and drying, through a layer of stainless steel protective film, can be packed and shipped.

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