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4X8 Hairline Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet

Product category: Gold Embossed stainless steel sheet
Brand: JYF
Material: SS 304 / 201
Special purpose: Interior decoration


Foshan jinyifan stainless steel products factory specializes in the production of elevator etching board, local titanium board, high-grade sapphire blue bathroom board, local manual wiredrawing board, high-precision 8K board, stainless steel random grain board, stainless steel ceiling, to undertake the irregular parts etching processing.Stainless steel plate etching processing size of 1500 mm * 8000 mm, pipe etching diameter of 100 mm, length of 6000mm.Can provide 8K mirror, frosted, water plating coloring, vacuum plating coloring, etching patterns, cutting, bending one-stop service.Jinyifan stainless steel adopts imported photosensitive ink and corrosion liquid, and is exposed with large artificial light source. The products are free from side corrosion, with high uniformity and high degree, with the thinest line up to 0.2mm and the deepest depth up to 0.5-1.0mm.Etch board has elevator door flower board, famous color stainless steel pattern board, mirror + etch, drawing + etch, etching + titanium, 8K+ drawing, random lines, two-way drawing, sandblasting and other technology combinations.

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